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It’s not just people who are Indian citizens who might want to apply for a passport to enable them to leave the country on holiday or business. Indians who have moved overseas to work might have citizenship of another country but may want to apply for a new Indian passport to make travel to see relatives easier, or for a whole host of other reasons. Whatever your reasons for needing an Indian passport the same process applies.

Start the Online Application

Register on the Passport Sevaportal, and click the link to apply for a new passport, or a renewal. You will then be taken to the application form. Complete it online in full, and check It carefully before submitting. Only after you’ve submitted your application can you proceed to the next stage.

Online Appointment

The next step in getting your Indian passport is to get online and make an appointment to visit your nearest Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) office. From the passport website, click to view your applications to be taken to the screen to make an appointment. You can search through the offices most convenient to you, and check availability online before signing up for a date and time. You’ll need to keep your payment receipt or text message confirming you’ve paid to show when you attend the appointment. You usually can’t get a same day appointment unless there is a need for an emergency passport or some other medical reason why you can’t wait.



The amount you pay for your passport will depend on your age, whether it’s a renewal or first passport, and how many pages you require in the document. At present, a standard first passport or renewal for an adult passport costs 1500 rupees, a passport for a child under the age of 15 costs 1000 rupees. These fees are liable to change over time, so check the passport service website for details of the latest fees.


Attend your Appointment

When you attend your passport interview you will be required to bring your original identity documents with you to show the clerk. A full list of accepted documents is available on the website but includes things such as:

  • Election ID card
  • Aaadhaar card
  • Phone bill
  • Birth certificates
  • Rental agreement

You will also need to provide photographs of the right size, with a plain white background. During the appointment the advisor will run you through your application, clarifying any details and asking to see your documents. The advisor will be able to confirm whether or not your application has been accepted, and you will then be free to leave.


Passport Delivery

After your appointment, the passport will be prepared and then sent out to you in the post. You can log back into the portal to see when your passport is being despatched. You will need to be at home to sign for your passport, or have a close family member available to do so. Indian passports are valid for ten years from the date of issue.